Our Story

The lake Naivasha institute (LNI) recognized potential of a cultivation of human mind and the type of educators exploit, this potential are those who can stand the test of integrity and academic standard are not those who can have effects. This is the undertaking and pledge we give to the present and future students and their sponsors. The institute has positioned itself strategically to play its role and offer contribution in the world of reputable institutions that produce world class learners through critical thinking and its application.


1.) Provide materials and programs aimed at developing top cream global personnel for both private and public sector, as well as self employment

2.) Equip our students for admission to local and international higher institutions of learning.

3.) Create future leaders by installing in our students skills that create innovations, diligence, patriotism and sense of self-reliance.

4.) Nurture virtues commensurate with etiquette that would meet the demand and expectations from our contemporary communities.

5.) Educate our learners on dangers of moral decadence and alcoholism and other addictive drugs.

6.) Offer programmes that are appropriate to the society needs, non - governmental ,county government and national government.

7.) Promote research in collaboration with stakeholder, industries and government institutions

8.) Offers courses and programmes at reasonable cost.

Why study with us

We are located in a quiet environment good for education
Well qualified tutors and lecturers
Guaranteed attachment to our students
We assist students to get jobs locally and abroad
Weekend education tours to the nearby game parks and lakes
Students are assisted to get safe and secure hostels

Vision statement

To be a model institute in training of practical skills needed in our everyday operation in East Africa and beyond.

Mission statement

To impart knowledge,skills and positive attitude towads work.

Our core values

our core values are centered upon:

  4. UNITY